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Wedding Cheesecake 2



Serves 60 – 120

Killeen Goat 2.5kg

Delice de Bourgogne 2kg

Cashel Blue 700g

Livarot 250g



Ideal for wedding planners, hotels, caterers and more…

Download our Wedding Cheesecake brochure here.

The basic idea is that, either as an alternative or in addition to the traditional cake, the
hosts present their guests with various cheeses which have been stacked and decorated to resemble a classic wedding cake. This ‘cheesecake’ is later disassembled and used as the cheeseboard, an after dinner option which many people prefer to traditional wedding cakes. Others choose to serve the cheese later in the evening as finger food. We have put together thousands of wedding and occasion cheese cakes! We know what works and what doesn’t and how best to suit your special day – budget, guests, venue, season and tastes. We can advise on decorating your cake yourself to match your particular day and desires. If you have any questions regarding wedding cheese cakes, or you would like to arrange a short meeting  and tasting in one of our stores to go through things in more detail, please send us an email with your details to