The Dreamy Cais Dubh

We all know its way easier to eat ‘healthy foods’ when they are covered in creamy cheese salad dressings, don’t we? I am quite confident that this recipe is gonna do just that and become a new summer classic. It’s absolutely class with summer time crudités (just in case you’re launching an art gallery opening in the 1970’s), or with boiled eggs, or with roasted chicken sambos, now have I got your attention yet ? ….. ok cool great 👍 This also goes well with all the wine….


1 tub of creme fraiche

1 Jar of Builin Blasta Smoked Onion Mayo (available in our Meath, Dublin and Galway shops)

70 mls of butter milk

200 grams of Cnoc Dubh (check your local Sheridans) or St Tola

20 grams of Boquerones

2 cloves of garlic

1 tsp of Fallot dijon mustard

1 squeeze of lemon juice


Sooooo pour yourself a glass of wine, this is fun and it’s hot out! Put everything in the nutribullet and blitz until it’s all come together and a super creamy dressing, and pop it in the fridge until you start building your salad.

Now I’ve left this pretty simple, I’ve roasted two heads of broccoli with olive oil and chilli and lemon zest, 15 mins at 180 should do.

I’m using two heads of Roman lettuce in this salad for the leafy crunch texture – this or ice berg lettuce would be absolutely perfect!

I’ve crushed some store bought croutons with a handful of walnuts for the crunch factor and added some ripe nectarines for sweetness. Layer everything up in your fav salad bowl and cover in this dressing and you’re done! This is kinda of giving Walldolf/Ceaser vibe, think Selling Sunset season 5….

The Mighty Charlotte

After binge watching Stranger Things, the major focus of this recipe brings us to 1986 and that whole summer vibe of Romantica, Vinettias, and fruits of the forest . This one is well up there but in all fairness, it’s no bake, ya can make the night before, no faff but looks impressive, PLUS you can flex at the in-laws and the kids will love it . So, what is it ???? Well it’s made like a tiramisu, but no coffee and no booze, so family friendly on the whole and it’s choccka block full of strawberries and cream and lemon curd and mascarpone and lady’s fingers. So less Stranger Things and more like Summery Things….


1 1/2 packets of ladies fingers

1 x 250 g tub of Garofalo Mascarpone

1 zest of a lemon

1 vanilla bean or 2 tsp vanilla essence

60 grams of sugar

1kg of strawberries

750 miles of Crawford’s Cream (available at your local Sheridans)

1 jar of Follain lemon curd ( or if you have homemade even better )


Slice your strawberries and sprinkle with sugar and let to sit for 10 mins.

While your strawbs marinate, whip cream in a large bowl until stiff peaks form and then fold in mascarpone with vanilla essence and lemon zest.

Lay your ladies fingers on the base of your dish, sprinkle with strawberries and juice and dollops of curd then add the mascarpone filling and repeat again, saving some strawberries and lemon curd to garnish.

Pop in the fridge over night or for at least 8 hours and enjoy!


Sheep Gouda Cacio e Peppe

This is a spin on a classic Roman dish so please don’t attempt to attack me on the Twitter verse, but one thing I can tell you is that it’s sooo devine. 

I love cooking with nettles so I’ve also popped in some fresh peas and lemon roasted asparagus too because I only had one packet of pasta and had pals coming around and need to stretch this out with some spring beauties, thank god I had plenty of cheese.  This feeds 6 and is stunning in a lunchbox too!

x Jess


1 packet of spaghetti 

200 grams of Pecorino 

250 grams of Sheep Gouda cheese (Noorlander)

20 grams or more of black pepper 

200 grams of blanched nettles chopped 

150 grams of blanched peas 

200g of parsley 

2 bunches of blanched asparagus 

Pasta water 


Ok so I have all my beautiful green bits ready to go all on a plate.

With this recipe you have to work relatively fast once your spaghetti is good to go as once your pasta is fully cooked the dish is done.

First, cook your spaghetti to just before al dente. When you strain your pasta, set aside the pasta water for the next step.

Add a ladle and a half of pasta water to a large pan then toss in your spaghetti and all the Asparagus, lemon zest, nettle & peas. 

Once thoroughly cooked add your black pepper and cheese then toss and serve at once. This is a stunning and easy recipe that’s a spring winner. Cover again in grated Sheep Gouda and serve like you have been out all day foraging for your guests .

Baked Broc Eggs Ready to Rock ! 

This is an old one everyone knows similar too  Shakshuka Eggs or Turkish baked eggs, but I wanted to do my version of the perfect topping of eggs and found my inspiration via the Greenwich Village that’s is Rialto, Dublin at Daddy’s Café. Daddy’s do a lash of yogurt baked eggs with Aleppo chilli that’s is like a massive bear hug in a bowl! 


1 tub of Paysan Breton salted cream cheese 

2 heads of purple sprouting broc 

5 eggs cracked on top 

1 pac of Pancetta Dolce

35 grams of butter 

40 ml of Hot Sauce or Harissa Mezze


This is best with precooked broccoli, so you can can cook extra on the Saturday and this is so simple ya can make it half asleep for Sunday Brunch!

Fry your pancetta bits until lightly crispy and set aside. Save the pan, you’ll need it at the end.

Line a roasting dish with the broccoli and dollop cream cheese around the dish.

Crack your eggs on top and sprinkle pancetta bits onto of the dish of eggs and pop it in the oven at 185C for 25 mins .

In your bacon pan, add your hot sauce and butter, and heat until melted together forming a sauce. When your eggs are cooked, pour over your hot chilli butter sauce. I love these with everything bagels or sourdough. Have a great bank holiday weekend!

St Tola & Onion Tarte Tatin


200 grams of St Tola Devine or St Tola log or St Tola Ash

5 medium onions halved 

50 mls of Prunotto Acacia Honey 

50 g of butter 

10 g of salt 

2 sheets of rough puff pastry 

1 jar of Prunotto Artichokes (your local Sheridans)

30 mls of Azouro olive oil 


Pop your olive oil in the pan (oven safe, non-stick pan on medium high heat) and really brown your onions. Then add honey , butter and salt and let it bubble up, then take it off the heat let it cool for a hour in the cooking pan.

Once cooled, quickly pop the puff pasty on top of the cooked onions still in the pan. Push the puff pastry down to make full contact with onions/sides of pan and prick a couple holes on top of pastry.

Place whole oven safe pan in oven and bake at 180 C for around 35 mins or until your pastry is golden brown and your onions are cooked!

This is perfect for Spring and Jess adorned it with Creamy lumps of St Tola and torn grilled lemony artichokes, it’s great with beets and a rocket side salad, and very picnic friendly . 

*note, if you dont have an oven safe non-stick pan, you can transfer the browned onions to an oven safe dish once cooled.

Wild Garlic & Cais Na Tire Biscuits

I know Spring is here when I see the delicate white flowers and instantly get a blast of garlic walking through the woods. Matched with one of the best Irish Sheeps Cheese, Cais na Tire these biscuits are the perfect foil for cured meats, cheese or even a warming stew.


240g plain flour

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1.5 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

100g chilled butter

175g Cais Na Tire cheese, coarsely grated

300ml sour cream or creme fraiche

1 egg

3 handfuls of wild garlic, very finely chopped

1 tsp cracked black pepper

1 egg beaten


  1. Preheat the oven to 220’c
  2. Cut the butter into 1cm cubes and put back in the fridge to re-chill for about 15 minutes until cold.
  3. In a large bowl mix together the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda and black pepper. Add the grated cheese and incorporate fully.
  4. Add the chilled pieces of butter to the flour mix and rub between your fingers forming pea sized clumps, try not to over mix so the butter doesn’t start to melt.
  5. Make a hollow in the middle and carefully mix in the sour cream with a fork.  Halfway through folding in the sour cream add the wild garlic. Keep mixing until the dough starts to come together in clumps.
  6. Transfer the dough to a floured surface and work it carefully until it comes together. Don’t over work it however, treat it like soda bread!
  7. Shape the dough into a 15cm by 15cm square before cutting it into the desired size biscuits.
  8. Place onto a lined baking tray, spacing them out evenly.
  9. Brush with egg and bake for about 20 minutes, turning the tray halfway through.
  10. Serve with relish, cured meats, and cheese, or with a lovely, warming stew.

Friday Night Meat Ball

Friday night meat ball assembly for the masses :

This is the ‘Friday Night In’ meal. Everything is done for you, you just have to magic it all together and let people be dazzled by what a wonderful cook you are. You can whack this together in 40 minutes for minimal stress. It is also very important too grab a few bottles of wine and emphasize on the chillaxing while enjoying this dish.


400 grams of shop bought meat balls

1 bag of Rustichella Penne Pasta

3 jars of Prunotto Arrabbiata tomato sauce

50 grams of black olives pitted

1 hand full of black kale

2 packets of feta

1 ball of fresh Garofalo mozzarella

100 grams of crushed croutons

30 grams of chopped Ortiz anchovies

100 grams of Odysea Roasted Red Peppers

1 packet of tomatoes fresh (sliced)

1 lemon zest


  1. Cook the pasta first. Toss it in some olive oil with the lemon zest and a bit of salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Rip your meatballs in half to create double meatball action. Layer all your bits in a big oven proof dish. Pasta, Meatballs, Arrabbiata, Olives, kale, peppers, tomatoes, chopped anchovies, feta and kale.
  3. Bake in the oven @ 180 for 40 minutes. Sprinkle crushed croutons on top and enjoy!

This can be served with a side of garlic bread and the endive salad featured in the previous recipe.

The ultimate one hit wonder

Little Tarts with big Goats Cheese Hearts


30 mls of olive oil

2 red onions

1 jar of Sheridans onion marmalade

2 cloves of smashed garlic

2 leaves of sage

2 stalks thyme

3 Ortiz anchovies

4 chonky slices of St Maure (or St Tola ash or any flavourful, creamy goat’s cheese)

1 sheet of just roll pastry

1 egg ( for egg wash )

Method :

  1. Sauté your two chopped red onions in the pan with the smashed garlic, thyme and sage. Cook them down until the onions are a wee bit sticky over a medium heat. Add a little bit of pepper and salt and mix in half a jar of Sheridans onion marmalade. Set aside to cool.
  2. Grab your sheet of puff pastry and slice it in 2 . Pour your onion marmalade mixture into the middle and spread it out ( leave about 3 cm around the edges). Pinch the edges together to gather it up.
  3. Plop your sliced goats cheese on top. Chiffonade your anchovies (a fancy term for cut into strips) and sprinkle them on top however you see fit. Brush your pastry with egg wash
  4. Bake in the oven for aprox 30 mins at 180 degrees.

The Salad of Januarys


2 tins of Azouro Sardines

40mls of olive oil

3 blood oranges

150 grams of frozen peas

100 grams of crushed croutons

1 lemon zest

40 grams of pitted black olives

3 heads of endive

75 grams of walnuts

50 grams of fresh parsley.


  1. Separate your three heads of endives and spread them out on the plate like you are creating your artistic canvas.
  2. The key to this is layering. We are using the peas for a lil bit of sweetness and the blood orange adds a juicy acidity to the dish. Peel your blood orange and slice into wagon wheels and dot the around. Adorn the peas how you see fits and sprinkle the crushed croutons for that extra all important crunch.
  3. Next add the beautiful walnuts, olives and the lemon zest and delicately lay the Azouro Sardines where you like. Finish with a scatter of parsley.

This is a fab dish as you get all of the texture and flavour with no added sugar or complex dressing and gaddamn is she tasty.

Potato & Cheese Hero Pie

This recipe is perfect for the beige brigade ! It’s the no man’s land of using up the fridge contents to be that #nowaste hero you always knew you were , in the inbetweenie time of Christmas Day and back to school, this pie is glam and Spuds and cheese my friends match perfectly with a bag on trendy glass of Cremont ( in no way am I qualified to say this ) .

> Ingredients

> 100 grams of sticky fried onions

> (2 tbsp olive oil, 2 sliced onions (red or white), pinch of salt, 1

> tbsp soft brown sugar, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar)

> 250 grams of leftover cooked spuds

> 100 grams of sautéed Brussels sprouts

> 200g grated Cheese, use any leftover hard cheeses, rinds removed. I

> used Gruyere and smoked Knockanore

> 75 mils of cream

> 20 grams of Dijon mustard

> 50 grams of butter

> 1 pack of filo pastry

> A hand full of chopped thyme


> Method


> For the sticky onions

> Heat the oil in a large heavy based frying pan over a low heat.

> Add the onions with a generous pinch of salt and cook slowly for 30-40

> mins. Stir occasionally to prevent them from sticking until they become soft and golden Add the sugar and vinegar, keep cooking on a low heat for another 5 mins, stirring occasionally until the mix is sticky, the sugar has dissolved and the vinegar has reduced.


> For the Brussels sprouts

> Halve the sprouts. Heat olive oil in a large heavy based pan over medium heat. Add sprouts and toss to coat.

> Season with salt and pepper. Cook, undisturbed, for about 6-8 minutes, then stir and cook another 6-8 minutes until Brussels sprouts are fork-tender.


> Pop the cheese, onions, spuds, mustard, cream and  thyme  this in a mixing bowl , stir gently not to break up ya spuds too much a love a chunky definition of a spud amongst the cheese.

> Have your butter melted and your filo ready to go under a dampish tea towel and start brushing every layer with butter layered it on itself.

> In a buttered 12 inch cake tin, place one sheet down , then brush with melted butter , and repeat until you have a thick layer the same depth as a 10 cent coin, then place in your baking tin and top up with filling , the beautiful thing with filo is it’s super flexible.

> Fold the loose sheets from the bottom over the filling, then repeat the process to create the lid.

> Cook in a preheated oven 1t 180c for 30 minutes, or until golden brown.

> I like a big slice with a side salad of peppery watercress and a spoon full of winter chutney .

>Jess Murphy

Alpine Mac ‘n Cheeze

Do you remember exactly where you were when special moments happened in your life ??  Well let me tell you, I was sitting on the couch watching the new Tiger King documentary sipping Diet Coke Zero ( pre Christmas starvation mode ) and Kevin Sheridan gave me the green light to design the Sheridans Mac ‘n Cheese. This to me is like winning a Bafta , I accepted the challenge ,picked the biggest hand bag I owned and walked to the Galway shop  to have the Alpine chats with Julian. We chose the Emmental and Raclette for stretch then Schnebelhorn for the gigantic!!!!  I think you will impress any and  all VIPs visiting over Christmas with this one.

You can replace the suggested cheeses with any hard cheese you have at the back of the fridge. This is a particularly good recipe for using up left over bits and pieces. 


  • 1 Bay leaf 
  • 85 g of Brittany salted butter 
  • 85 g of flour 
  • 1 litre of full fat milk 
  • 100 g of Raclette, diced into small cubes
  • 130g of Emmental, grated
  • 200g of Schnebelhorn, grated
  • 3 tea-spoons of mustard 
  • 3 tea-spoons of Garlic powder or crushed garlic
  • ½  medium onion 
  • 500g packet of pasta (penne or macaroni), cooked
  • 5 cloves
  • Handful of chopped thyme
  • 200g of breadcrumbs


  1. Before chopping or grating your cheese ensure that it is as cold as possible, then remove the rind.
  2. Attach the bay leaf onto the onion by pinning it with the whole cloves
  3. Place the onion into a saucepan with the milk
  4. Slowly bring the milk to a simmer then remove from the heat
  5. In a large heavy sauce pan slowly melt the butter, adding the flour and stirring on a low heat until combined.
  6. One ladle at a time add the milk (the onion can be discarded) to the flour & butter mix over a low heat, continuously stirring.
  7. Add the mustard and garlic to the mixture
  8. Now start to add your cheese to the mix, again slowly while stirring
  9. Once this whole mixture is combined remove the pot from the heat and stir in the cooked pasta.
  10. Pour the mixture into a baking dish
  11. Top with bread crumbs and thyme.
  12. Bake in a pre-heated oven for about 25 minutes ta 180c

Dulce de Leche Tiramisu

For Christmas – preperation is key! The earlier you start the better because as December moves on, the madness takes over. It’s also a good idea to get ahead and buy all the expensive bits and pieces (such as dulce de leche, good mustard, nice coffee and duck fat , as well as the boujee booze) early so you don’t have to fight the old lady for the last bottle of sherry in the shop!

2 packets Spiced Ginger Biscuits
1 bar of Aine Roasted Hazelnut 70% Chocolate (grated)

Mascarpone Cream:
4 Free Range Egg Yolks
1-2 tablespoons Px Sherry (resist putting the entire bottle in)
2 tablespoons Granulated Sugar
Vanilla Pod (seeds scraped out) or Vanilla Extract
1 tub of Garofalo Buffalo Mascarpone
1 Jar Garofalo Buffalo Dulce de Leche
1 cup whipped Crawford’s Cream

Espresso Mix:
1 cup of New Kid Coffee (made strong in a French Press)
¼ cup of Vodka
75g Muscovado Sugar

Make your coffee, allowing for extra brewing time to make sure its nice and strong. Mix in the vodka and sugar while its hot to ensure the sugar dissolves.(You can make this mixture the night before and pop in the fridge if you want).

Using a hand mixer, cream the egg yolks and sugar until golden yellow and fluffy. Add the vanilla and the pot of mascarpone and incorporate with your whisk. Slowly fold in the dulce de leche, sherry and the whipped cream.

Grab an oven/casserole dish. Roll the spiced ginger biscuits in the coffee/vodka mix until they are soaked but not soggy. Pop into your dish, layer on the mascarpone mixture and repeat until all biscuits have been used. Put into the fridge for 24 hours. Grate the dark chocolate on top just before serving.