Cheese of the Month – April

This April our Cheeses of the Month come from an exciting collaboration between Sheridans Cheesemongers and Mons Fromager-Affineur.  We hatched the idea last year, over a cheeseboard when Elisabeth and Kevin visited me at Mons in London.  Together we have selected four lesser known French cheeses that are firm favourites at Mons.  The cheeses of the month are AbondancePersille du CezalierSt Felicien and Tomme Crayeuse (all available on Sheridans online shop individually or as part of our Cheese of the Month selection).  It was, however, impossible to narrow our selection down to four so be sure to look out for several other special Mons cheeses in the Sheridans shops throughout April.  The speedy among you will find a new season Provencal goat’s cheese for your Easter cheeseboard.

1 Max serving at Spa Terminus

Mons Fromager-Affineur is a family business owned by brothers Herve and Laurent Mons.  The company was started by their father Hubert who, whilst working as a freight driver, began to discover the best farms to stop at to buy cheese along the roads of rural France.  In the 1960s Hubert built the first cheese maturing rooms at the present site of the business in St Hoan le Chatel.  He gave up driving, except to make collections of the cheeses that were ripened in the caves and sold at local markets.  Herve and Laurent joined their father in the business in the 1980s with Herve developing the maturing rooms and Laurent opening a shop in nearby Roanne.  The British arm of Mons began in 2006 when Jon Thrupp joined forces with Herve to import traditionally made cheeses from France and Switzerland into the UK.  We select certain cheeses to age in our maturing room in London as well as bringing our pick of the cheeses ripened at the caves in St Hoan le Chatel over to London every week.  Having started work as a cheesemonger with Sheridans in Dublin in 2003, I joined Mons in London in 2009.

 Abondance maturing @ Le Tunnel de la Collonge

There are many similarities between Sheridans and Mons.  The two companies work with the interests of both producers and customers at the heart of their business.  At Mons we take the upmost pride in our relationships with the dedicated and passionate farmers and cheesemakers we work with.  We are also lucky to have wonderfully enthusiastic customers who, like Hubert Mons, seek out the most delicious and interesting cheeses they can find.  It truly is a real pleasure to introduce Mons cheese to Sheridans’ customers who we know are among the greatest cheese enthusiasts! We really hope you enjoy the selection for April and wish you a very Happy Easter.

Suzannah Watson