Cheese of the Month – February 2014


Welcome to the Cheese of the Month for February 2014.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and of course food is the best way to anyone’s heart! And I don’t think there is any more romantic food than cheese.

We have put together four cheeses for you that we think will allow for a romantic dinner. Don’t worry; if you don’t have anyone special in your life at the moment; keep it all for yourself or share with a friend.

We have selected four really special and delicious cheeses. Three are from France, they know a thing or two about love allegedly and maybe cheese too; the fourth is Irish and we aren’t bad at either.

The first French cheese is Salers, a cheese we rarely have on our counters; I’m not sure why but it is quite similar to cheddar and our customers tend to like our cheddars to be cheddars! The flavour is more pungent and more fermented and also a little sweeter. The second is Bleu d’Auvergne, it is not a very complex blue but really really pleasant, it has a good intensity of flavour but without any of the over the top acidity that we often find in similar looking blues from other areas of the world or even more industrial Bleu d’Auvergnes. Our last French selection is Eppoisse washed with Chablis, it is everything we love about French cheese, oozy, aromatic (smelly) and with a beautifully balanced flavour. Our Irish cheese is the wonderful St Tola with Ash rind. We have such a fondness for St Tola at Sheridans for many reasons; Inagh farm where the original producers Meg and Derek had their farm were the first cheesemakers myself and Seamus ever visited, I have so many beautiful memories of kid goats, very thick porridge, tiger skin rugs and feeling at home with these wonderful people, sadly Derek passed away a number of years ago and production has been taken over by Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith. We were concerned how this would affect the quality of the cheese and for sure it changed a little but Siobhan also brought a lot to it. The invention of this little ash log has brought St Tola’s to a new level of spectacular; we are truly in love with this cheese

Try serving the cheeses with a fruit jelly such as quince or apple and I think a bottle of Prosecco would work really well to accompany them all.

Which ever way you chose to serve them or with whom ever you share them with I hope you enjoy the selection.

Thank you,

Kevin Sheridan