Franckie’s Poached Pear in Verduzzo

With Blue Cheese and Toasted Panettone

Pear and Blue

You’ll need:

  • One “hardish” pear per person
  • 1 x bottle of Verduzzo or dessert wine
  • 150g of crushed nuts
  • 1 x Panettone (or Brioche)
  • 1 x tbsp of honey
  • 100g/ person x of your favourite Blue

How to:

This is very “Chefy” looking but in fact very easy to make. I have come up with this recipe 10 years ago and it is a huge crowd pleaser. 1st, peal the pears and put them in a large pot with the whole bottle of dessert wine. Add a bit of water if necessary to cover ¾ of the pears. Let it simmer until soft. In a dry pan, toast the crushed nuts of your choice (almonds, hazelnuts or even walnuts). Careful now, don’t go away. Set aside in a bowl. With a glass, cut the necessary amount of panettone (or Brioche) and toast them under the grill. Place them on the respective plates and soak with a table spoon from the wine still cooking. The pears should be ready, slice them at the bottom so they can stand. Reduce the wine to almost a caramel. Crumble or create a ring with your blue cheese and place on top of your panettone ring. Cover the plate and pear with the caramel like syrup, and a bit of honey over the blue; sprinkle the crushed nuts over everything. Enjoy immensely!