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Alpha Tolman Jasper Hill Farm 200g

About This Cheese

Mature wheels are bold and meaty with amplified butter and caramelized onion flavors carried by a rich and crystalline texture.
The texture, aesthetic, and flavor make Alpha Tolman an ideal choice for fans of Appenzeller (or fondue).






Milkraw cow



name pays homage to Mr. Alpha Tolman, a philanthropic dairy farmer responsible for— among other notable works—building the town library in 1900. Alpha’s grandfather, Enoch Tolman, was an original settler of Greensboro. True to style, Alpha curds are cooked and pressed to achieve a tight, elastic texture and robust, complex flavors. Young wheels are washed with a cultured brine to cultivate a natural rind that lends an authentic, funky depth of character. Try pairing with a robust ale, plummy red wines, or onion jam. For a satisfying and novel
meal, follow the lead of Swiss/French raclette: melt it onto a plate of fingerling potatoes, cured meat, and natural sour pickles.


Jasper Hill Farm is the pinnacle of American artisan cheese and we are
delighted to have their cheeses at Sheridans Cheesemongers.
Located in the idyllic Vermont country side, Jasper Hill Farm is committed to
producing the highest quality cheeses with great respect for their herd and
the north east landscape. As pioneers in the American artisan cheese
industry, they strive to set new standards for quality and innovation while
celebrating the region's distinctive terroir.
From the outset, brothers Andy and Mateo knew their farm had to stand out,
and envisioned a model of small-scale dairy farming turning raw milk into
premium farmhouse cheese. They set to work, fixed up the farm, built a
creamery and caves for aging. The start was challenging but over the years,
and through partnerships with Cabot Creamery, they have become
Americas finest cheese producers.
The partnership with Cabot Creamery helped Jasper Hill Farm grow their
farm and innovate. Their farm works as an interconnected nutrient recycling
system between the soil, the crops, the animals. They developed an on-site
microbiology lab to understand their cheeses' terroir and fully adapt their
conventional farm into raw milk cheese production. Additionally, they
produce all their own feed on-site, ensuing high-quality ingredients despite
the region's harsh conditions. Together, these initiatives help Jasper Hill Farm
sustainably produce wonderful farmhouse cheese in the American countryside.

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Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Raw Cow Milk, Salt, Rennet, Cultures

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