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Amarone DOCG Monte Tabor Fidora

About This Drink

Rich, deep, warm and complex as a great Amarone should be! A very elegant touch of oak, gives even more charm to this classic red wine. Drink it or age it, it’s completely up to you, either way it’s a wine that will give you lot of pleasure.

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Grape VarietalCorvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

Origin / RegionItalian

Production MethodBiodynamic


Amarone is made from semi-dried 'appassimento' grapes in Valpolicella, close to the Italian city of Verona. The grapes must be in perfect condition before being stored in the drying lofts of the winery to lose up to half their water weight and concentrate the flavours and sugars. The Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grape varieties each bring a unique character to the final Amarone wine.


Fidora estate has been farming organically since 1974, when the visionary Guido Fidora decided to abandon any chemicals, that that time were all the rage and considered innovative and indispensable to a modern farmer. His grandson Emilio, now at the helm of the estate, continued Guido's legacy and converted the farm to biodynamic. Their respect for the land, environment and tradition shows in their wines that are pure and genuine, and a perfect example Valpolicella can be.

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