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Barbarossa Marcobarba

About This Drink

Pulpy and succulent, fruit-driven and joyful, easy-drinking and juicy… we could go on! Barbarossa blends pure plum and black cherry fruit flavours with refreshing acidity and a hint of savoury grip. More please.

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Grape VarietalCabernet Franc, merlot, Raboso

Origin / RegionItalian

Production MethodOrganic


From an exclusively biodynamic viticulture, interventions reduced to the minimum and always in harmony with the vineyard. Barbarossa is a red wine made with a mix of red-grape varieties, both native of the territory and international ones. Some of them are known, others not so much. Fermented wine with indigenous yeasts, in cement tanks; aged for at least 6 months in steel tanks and bottled unfiltered with a small addition of sulfur. According to Marco and the Barbaboyz, Barbarossa is the fruit of passion. The ideal wine to taste with the best desecrating friends at a barbecue of juicy red meat, or to accompany fatty, aged cheese.


Marcobarba is the project of three young men, Marco, Giulio and Tommaso, who share a passion for wine, biodynamic viticulture and respect for nature. Brought together by working with Stefano Menti, they began making wine from various small plots managed by Marco in the Soave and Gambellara areas. These vineyards a re mainly owned by elderly people who are no longer able to work them, so the Marcobarba project is in many ways a sustainability effort also. They produce only a sparkling white and a red, both vinified as simply as possi ble .

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