BBQ ingredients

Getting the grill out? These are some of our favorite items for your next BBQ night

Harry’s Nut Butter – a little spicy and perfect for grilled chicken skewers

Fitzpatrick’s Ketchup    an Irish version of the classic ketchup

Whit Mausu Black Bean Rayu – we love it with grilled steaks or tossed with grilled veg

Black Garlic Sauce – makes an awesome sauce for burgers or steaks

Achill Sea Salt – nice an flaky sea salt, perfect for finishing any grilled item

Smoked Gubbeen – add a little extra smoked flavour to your burger!

Sheridans White Mature Carbery Cheddar – a classic burger cheese

Gubbeen Fresh Cooking Chorizo – love it grilled and tossed with grilled vegetables or tossed in a potato salad

Ballyhubbock Hallumi – slice it up and grill it, makes a great meat substitue