Bookers Vintage, 200g


In order to celebrate the best of Irish Creamery Cheddar and to add another dimension, we select mature cheeses which we believe have an exceptional flavour. We then take these large twenty KG blocks to our warehouse in Co Meath. We cut the them into 5kg ‘loafs’ and mature them on wooden shelves in our humid maturing room. Mark Booker who manages are maturing rooms then gently washes and turns the cheeses encouraging to develop a natural rind. This process develops a culture on the surface of the cheese which adds an additional more complex flavour dimension to the cheeses.  Giving a classic mature savoury cheddar with a mild pungency.

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Made by:         Carbery Dairy, Ballineen, Co Cork, matured by Sheridans in Co Meath

Milk:                Cow’s Milk

Rennet:           Vegetarian

Rind:                Natural

Paste:  `           Firm

Age                   12 months