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Bookers Vintage 200g

About This Cheese

Mature Irish cheddar with a natural rind developed at Sheridans Cheesemongers. The flavour is lightly tangy and savoury with a firm texture. Perfect for cheeseboards or sandwiches. 




RegionKells, Co. Meath

ProducerCarbery, Matured by Sheridans Cheesemongers




To celebrate the best of Irish Creamery Cheddars, we have specially selected Carbery cheddars with exceptional flavour to be matured at Sheridans Cheesemongers.

Large 20kg Cheddar blocks arrive at Sheridans to be cut down into 5 kg bricks, which are then aged on wooden shelves in our humid maturing room. Mark Booker who manages are maturing rooms regularly washes and turns the cheeses encouraging the development of a natural rind. This process develops a culture on the surface of the cheese which adds an additional complex savoury flavour.


Set up in the 1960s Carbery was from the start and continues to be one of the most innovative and successful Irish cheddar producers. They continue to produce cheese on the same site and take advantage of the great quality milk supplied by four cooperatives spanning West Cork. Each of these Co-Ops are made up of a great number of small family farms. The dairy farms of West Cork have the great benefit of a longer growing season than most parts of Ireland allowing the cattle to feed on the lush pasture for most of the year. The quality of the resulting milk is the foundation of great cheese.

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Nutritional Information

Milk 98%, Salt 1.9%, Vegetarian Rennet 0.08%, Starter Culture 0.02%)

 Allergens; Cow’s Milk,

Component Per 100g
ENERGY (kJ) 1811
ENERGY (kcal) 433
FAT (g) 36
of which saturates (g) 23
of which sugars (g) <0.2
of which starch (g) <0.2
Fibre (g) 0
PROTEIN (g) 28
SALT (g) 2

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