Brillat Savarin 500 g


Product Milk
Product Rennet
Product Rind
mould rind
Product Region
Product Age
4 weeks min
Product Size
serves 6 - 10 (500g)
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Brillat Savarin is a classic mould-rind triple-crème cheese, in the same vein as Explorateur. This cheese was renamed by the great fromagier Androuët after the eighteenth-century gourmet Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.  Double- crème and triple crème refers to the practice of adding cream to the milk prior to cheesemaking, thus increasing overall butterfat content. Cream cheeses with a butterfat content of more than 75% are referred to as triple cream, those of between  60-74% are known as double cream.

Surrounded by a white bloom rind smelling faintly of mushrooms, the interior of this sumptuous, 75% butterfat cheese is a soft white paste that tastes like a heavenly mixture of butter and stiffly whipped cream very similar to clotted cream. The mushroomy influence  of the rind comes through in the nose. Not for the faint hearted – quite literally – this rich cream cheese is divine with fresh, crusty baguette. It is also probably the best cheese with which to partner champagne and other sparkling wines. Brillat Savarin is lovely as part of a cheeseboard but also make a great dessert served with fresh fruit such as peaches.