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Brillat Savarin 500g

About This Cheese

A rich, sumptuous cheese with bright minerality is surrounded by a white bloomy rind. Brillat Savarin is 75% butterfat, achieved by adding cream to the cow’s milk in the cheesemaking process, resulting in a white paste that tastes like a heavenly mixture of butter and stiffly whipped cream. 





ProducerFromagerie Rouzaire


Rindmould rind


Brillat-Savarin is probably the most famous and the original extra cream bloomy-rind cheese. It was created by a French cheesemaker in the nineteenth century and was originally called Délice des Gourmets. It was renamed Brillat-Savarin by Henri Androuët in the 1930s as a homage to eighteenth-century French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. Although these cheeses have a bloomy rind, the high fat content slows down the action of the rind. Together with a typically thicker shape to the cheese, the rind of extra creams rarely breaks down the structure of the cheese. If a long ripening is allowed, the cheeses develop an unpleasant sharp flavour, as opposed to the more subtle, sweet, butter flavour of younger extra cream cheeses.

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