Cheese Club


Each month Kevin Sheridan specially selects four to five cheeses to be included in the month’s Cheese Club. We provide around 200g of each cheese and always ensure at least some of them will last well. Kevin selects the cheeses according to a particular theme based on style, season or production area. For most months this involves bringing in some cheeses which have never been available in Ireland before, often rare or unusual. Kevin writes the Cheese Club notes which accompanies the cheeses explaining the theme along with detailed information about each cheese.

Dates Of Delivery 2022

September 2022 – Thursday 8th

October 2022 – Thursday 13th

November 2022 – Thursday 10th

December 2022 – Thursday 8th

January 2023 – Thursday 12th

Clear selection


Each month, the selected four or five cheeses along with tasting notes on each of the cheeses are sent by courier to Cheese Club Members. We deliver on the second Thursday of each month.

Please Note when booking:

If it is a Gift, please add the recipients details in the ‘ship to’ address button. When purchased you will be given the option to download a voucher which can be printed and given to the recipient or emailed as an attachment to them,

If you have any queries or if you would like to make any changes to your scheduled delivery please do not hesitate to contact us at Sheridans Online

Please note: *Your Cheese Club subscription will be automatically sent for delivery on  the second Thursday of each month after purchase (we cannot accept specific delivery dates) If you have additional items on your order, please specify (in the notes section at checkout) if you wish these items to be included in the cheese club dispatch or select an alternative delivery date. If you wish to defer your order, please contact us by email