Cheesecake Frequently Asked Questions

How much cheese should I order?

We generally recommend 50-100g of cheese per person for before or after dinner. If the cheese is the main focus of the meal, approx 100g. per person.

How do I know I will like the cheeses?

We recommend visiting one of our stores closest to you or having a cheese tasting selection shipped to your door. Each tasting selection corresponds with the appropriate cake and can be ordered here.

What do I serve with the cheese?

Whatever you like! That’s half the fun. We offer a range of crackers and accompaniments from single jars to catering packages depending on the size of your party. Additionally, we’ve selected cheese accompaniments that we love and you can check out here

Who decorates the cake?

The cheese arrives packed for shipping and needs to be assembled by yourself, your caterer or a friend/family member. We recommend getting offcuts or additional flowers from your florist for the event to decorate your cake with. Alternatively, decorating your cake with fresh fruit and other cheese accompaniments can work too!

Can you deliver to any address?

We ship to anywhere on the Island of Ireland. We use an overnight courier for delivery in Ireland. Please ensure that the delivery address you give is one where there is someone to accept day-time deliveries.

When should I order my cake?

Ideally 1-2 months before your date but we can also accommodate short notice. If you have a short deadline, give us a call.

Meath: 046 9245110  Dublin: 01 679 3143  Galway: 091 564829

When do you deliver?

We deliver Tuesday – Thursday and recommend delivery at a minimum of two days before the event for peace of mind. For example, if your wedding is on a Saturday, we deliver to the venue on the Thursday. If you need the cheesecake the day before or day of the event, collection from the Dublin, Meath or Galway shop is available.  We do not deliver between Christmas and New Year but collection from our Meath/Galway/Dublin shop is possible. For the Dublin area, we can deliver on the wedding day by taxi – please call for a quote.

What do we do with the cheese once we have received it?

Cheese should be unpacked and stored in a cool place, ideally around 5 degrees. Take out about an hour before serving, and allow to come to room temperature. Leaving cheese come up to room temperature (“to chambre”) allows it to develop a fuller, more aromatic flavour. Beware temperatures that are too warm (hot kitchen) and try and let the cheese come up to temperature in a relatively cool place like a cool pantry. Harder cheeses can need a little more time than softer ones.

How long can the cheeses be out at room temperature?

Leave the cheese in the fridge for as long as possible before going on display.


What do people present them on?

Anything from cheese boards to cake stands.