Drish Cake


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180-200 people

Coolea: Semi firm, pasteurised cow’s milk cheese. Sweet, almost toffee-like flavour and a slight crystalline consistency.

Killeen: Firm, goat’s milk cheese. The flavour is fresh, clean and milky, with notes of caramel, nuts and a very slight lactic note in the finish.

Durrus: Semi-soft washed rind cheese made using raw cow’s milk. Full bodied, long flavours and aromas of hay and wet soil.

Crozier Blue: Pasteurised, Ewe’s milk cheese. Crozier has a rich, salty, well rounded flavour.

Smoked Gubbeen: Waxed rind, smoked raw cow’s milk cheese. Gubbeen has a mild, smoky flavour which can be extremely more-ish

Gortnamona: Soft, pasteurised, goat’s milk cheese. A subtle goats milks cheese with a nutty mushroomy