Jeffa Gill
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Semi-hard washed-rind, delicately pungent flavour. This is made by Jeffa Gill who makes Durrus and is similar in style but aged for longer and with a much firmer texture.

Jeffa been making Durrus at her hillside farmhouse in West Cork since 1979. Since then Durrus has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded of all the Irish farmhouse cheeses, collecting many prizes and accolades along the way, including Best Irish Cheese at the British Cheese Awards in 2003.

Dunmanus is made  using very similar methods as the Durrus but with a few important changes. The objective is to get a cheese which can be aged for longer and so can develop more complex flavours. In order to age the cheese successfully it is important to remove more moisture, so Jeffa leaves the curd in the vat for more time, allowing more moisture to escape. After the cheese has been shaped in it’s mold it is then pressed with a heavy weight over-night. By removing the extra moisture and by making the cheese in a larger size Jeffa is able to ripen the cheese for up to five months.

The resulting flavour is earthy and rich with a really nice long complex mix of aromas.
Try it on toast, in place of raclette or with pears. In terms of wine matches pair it with ‘full bodied’ whites such as Albariño, Gewurztraminer or lighter reds such as Beaujolais.