Epoisses Marc de Bourgogne 250 g


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serves 3-5 (250g)
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Perriere Berthaut
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4 weeks min
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This very special cheese is ripened with Marc de Bourgogne, it has a soft paste and a strong, pungent flavour. Made in Burgundy, France. Cow’s milk.The award of the AOC to Epoisses in 1991 is testament to the success of their endeavors.

Epoisses is a washed-rind soft cheese made from thermalised cow’s milk.The trademark orange rind is the result of regular washing with a mixture of brine or water and Marc de Bourgogne. The AOC delimits production mainly to the Cote d’Or, although manufacture is also permitted in parts of Yonne and Haute-Marne bordering the Cote d’Or.

This is a wonderful cheese, its bright orange rind has a distinctive farmyard aroma that is the perfect match for the soft, salty paste beneath. The flavour is extraordinary, somehow managing to be strong, sweet and milky all at the same time. In ideal condition Epoisses should be almost liquid under the rind with a fine, chalky Coeur (heart) running through the middle of the cheese. Sheridans stock two Epoisses from Berthaut, the one kilo Epoisses Perriere Berthaut and the miniature, slightly stronger Epoisses Selection. Berthaut is one of the finest producers of Epoisses and is a frequent prize winner at the annual Concours General Agricole in Paris.
Both cheeses are superb and would match well with a white burgundy and sourdough bread.