Fondue Cheese & Wine Night


250g Emmental Cheese

250g Gruyere Cheese

1 Bottle of Paul Ginglinger Riesling (optional)


Please note both cheeses are sent in 250g freshly cut blocks (not grated)

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Fondue is more than a food, it’s a way of life. This is our classic recipe that goes perfectly with crusty bread and a glass of wine.

You’ll receive:

250g Emmental Cheese

250g Gruyere Cheese

1 Bottle of Gruner Veltliner (optional)



Serves 4-6 people

250g Emmental Cheese

250g Gruyere Cheese

3 tbl flour

1 garlic clove

2 cups white wine

1 tbl lemon juice

3 tbl brandy (optional)

pepper or your favorite herb blend to taste

1-2 loaves of toasted bread. also is great with sliced ham etc.


To Make:

You can make fondue in fondue pot itself, or just use standard heavy bottom pot/double boiler on stove top.

Rub inside of pot with crushed garlic clove, discard clove.

Grate the blocks of cheese and mix with flour. Set aside.

Warm wine in fondue pot or on stove pot until just simmering. Slowly add cheese/flour mixture to simmering wine and stir to melt.

Add brandy and lemon juice to mixture. Season with pepper or herb mix.

Dip your bread and enjoy! Also goes well with cured meats or potatoes 🙂