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Fromage Frais Strawberry

About This Cheese

Isigny Ste. Mère fromage frais is a rich fresh cheese, similar to yogurt, that comes in three flavours – caramelized apple, raspberry, or strawberry. 






RegionNormandy, France





Fromage frais is as fresh, creamy cheese almost like a yogurt. Traditionally made with cream, although more commonly made with whole or skimmed milk enriched by cream. To qualify as Fromage Frais, the cheese needs to undergo lactic fermentation and contain live cultures. Used in both rich creamy desserts or in plain form for savoury dishes


The Isigny Sainte Mére cooperative has been operating in Calvados since 1932. It is a combination of resources from two complementary dairy cooperatives: Sainte-Mère and Manche. The Isigny region used to be one of Europe’s largest wetlands until the sea retreated in the sixteenth century. It left behind a clay soil with rich alluvial sediments, upon which green grass grows abundantly. For centuries, the region’s dairy farmers have produced exceptionally fine milk, earning a well-established reputation for quality. The cows which graze these pastures are eating grass which makes their milk rich in mineral salts and trace elements. (adapted)

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Nutritional Information

Isigny Ste Mère Fromage Frais Strawberry 150g
Ingredients: Fromage Frais 75% (Pasteurised Cow’s Milk (Origin: France),
Starters), Strawberry-Based Preparation 25% (Raspberry Puree and Dices 50%
(Origin: non-EU), Saccharose, Water, Lemon Juice from Concentrate,
Native Cassava Starch, Paprika Extract, Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate,
Stabilizers: Pectin, Natural Aroma of Strawberry)

For allergens see ingredients in bold. 

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