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Gruyere Reserve 250g

About This Cheese

Gruyère Reserve (15 Month) has a nutty flavour with hints of ripe orchard fruits such as apples and pears. The initial fruitiness gives way to more robust, beefy aromas. Our Gruyère tends to have a more pungent and savoury flavour than it’s close French relation Comté.




RegionCanton of Fribourg, Switzerland


Milkraw cow



Pringy dairy is located just beneath the historic village of Gruyère and is the official show-dairy of the Gruyère association of Switzerland. To produce Gruyère cheese with respect to tradition and in following the strict production guidelines set out by Gruyere association as a means to protect this cheese. From the carefully selected dairy farms to the production of Gruyere cheese, every step along the way is documented and controlled for to maintain the cheese integrity. The milk used to make Pringy Gruyère comes from a chosen group of surrounding farms and arrives at the dairy twice daily and must be turned into cheese within 23 hours of the milking. Even with these rules and others, the various cheeses sometimes show significant differences in flavour from season to season or batch to batch.


The cheese from the Pringy dairy has been produced by the brothers Jacques and Nicolas Eccofey since 2004. Twice a day 36 farmers deliver their milk to the fromagerie. This comes from cows that graze the lush grass and fragrant flora of alpine meadows situated between 800 and 1600 metres above sea level. Under the watchful eyes of the master cheese-makers and their team, they produce up to 48 wheels of Gruyère a day, observing the stringent AOP (appellation d’origine protégée) specifications. (mundig)

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Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Cow’s (MILK), salt, starter cultures, rennet
Allergens listed in bold.
Nutritional Info Per 100g

Energy kJ/kCal 1660/400
Fat 32g
of which saturates 13g
Carbohydrates 0g
of which sugars 0g
Protein 27g
Salt 1.6g

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