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Killeen Fenugreek 200g

About This Cheese

Gouda style goat’s cheese with a fresh, clean milky flavour accented by fenugreek seeds throughout the paste. The addition of fenugreek imparts a mild walnut flavour and additional pleasing texture.  





ProducerMarion Roeleveld




Killeen is a gouda cheese, made in the classic Dutch style. The natural orange-beige rind is covered in a thin layer of breathable plastic, whilst the paste is brilliant white. The flavour is fresh, clean and milky, with a very slight lactic note in the finish. The fenugreek adds an interesting savoury, curried note to contrast with the cheese and it makes a great addition to an evening’s nibbles along with some crisp white wine and some crackers or crusty bread! This is an extremely well made goat’s cheese, where the high quality of the milk used produces a cheese which sets it apart from classic Dutch goudas.


Dutch-born Marion Roeleveld has been making Killeen’s goat’s cheese at the Killeen Millhouse outside Portumna since 2005. Before coming to Ireland, Marion trained in cheesemaking in her native Netherlands. In-depth formal training of this sort is rare amongst Irish farmhouse cheesemakers and Marion’s technical expertise enabled her to develop cheeses for a number of different producers.

Marion makes a number of different goudas under the Killeen label. In addition to the plain Killeen Goat and Killeen Cow Marion makes a number of flavoured cow’s cheese. Killeen Goat’s is made using milk of her own herd, whilst she buys in cow’s milk from a local farmer. When she started out Marion sold the majority of her goat’s milk and made only a small amount of cheese from the remainder. Increasing demand for her superb Killeen Goat’s eventually led her to stop selling liquid milk and use all it all in cheese production. Sheridan’s in Galway started selling Killeen Goat’s a number of years ago and since then it has gone on to become one of our most popular Irish cheeses.

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Nutritional Information

Ingredient Declaration, Allergans in Bold: Goat’s milk (98%), salt (1.6%), fenugreek seeds,
rennet, starter culture, lysozyme (E1105, from egg


Description Per 100 gram
Energy 1550kJ/374kcal
Fat 29.1
Of which saturates 19.25
Carbohydrates 3
Of which sugars <0.1
Fibre <1
Protein 24.9
Salt 1.6

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