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Knockanore Smoked 150g

About This Cheese

Traditional smoked cheddar cheese with a great cheddar tang complimented by savoury smoky flavour. 




RegionKnockanore, co Waterford

ProducerEamonn Lonergan

Milkraw cow



Knoackanroe Smoked is made on the Lonergan farm with selected wheels of cheddar which are then cold smoked using a traditional kiln and locally sourced oak wood. The wheels are subsequently vac-packed and aged on-site for a minimum of four months. The exterior of the cheese is light mahogany in colour and the paste is semi-firm in texture with a yellow colour. The long smoking process gives Knockanore a full on, meaty flavour that is a real hit with fans of smoked cheese. Smoked Knockanore is great melted on burgers as it adds a smoky note which compliments the flavour of the meat.


Eamonn and Patricia Lonergan have been making their Knockanore cheddar type since 1987. The cheese is made on their farm at Ballyneety, in Waterford, using raw cow’s milk from their own pedigree herd, about half of all the milk produced on the farm is currently used for cheesemaking.

Knockanore Farmhouse Cheese resides in the townland of Knockanore in Co. Waterford. The house feels and looks like so many other well-kept Irish farmhouses, with proudly hung photographs showing the family’s links to Waterford hurling. There is nothing you can see from outside its walls that hints at the extraordinary work that takes place inside the simple grey shed at the back of the Lonergan’s house. Eamonn has been producing a Cheddar-style cheese called Knockanore using the raw milk of his herd on his farm for over 30 years. Along with his plain Cheddar he also makes a naturally smoked version as well as cheeses with different combinations of herbs and spices. We have been stocking Knockanore since our first stall in Galway, although it wasn’t until a few years later that it became one of our big sellers.

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