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Langres 200g

About This Cheese

Langres has a powerful, penetrating aroma which belies the mild flavour of the cheese itself. The firm, yet supple paste is creamy and slightly salty, whilst the orange rind lends a pungent farmyard note. The cheese grows firmer with age but is more lively when young. 




RegionChampagne, France

ProducerFromagerie Schertenleib

Milkraw cow



Langres is a really delicious, very lightly pungent cheese. Unfortunately, only one farmhouse or fermier producer is still making the cheese, though there a quite a few very good larger-scale producers. Although the rind is washed to encourage the growth of a light covering of B. linens, the colourant annatto is also added to give the impression of a stronger rind. A gentle candidum bloom grows over the washed rind later in maturation. Most cheeses are turned frequently during maturation to avoid the danger of the cheese collapsing in on itself. By contrast, Langres is purposely left unturned during its affinage, which takes place on oat straw. This allows the formation of the ‘fountain’ or dip on the topside of the cheese. Some people like to pour a drop of Champagne or Marc de Bourgogne into this natural indentation before sampling the cheese. The aroma can be quite pungent but the flavour is very gentle. The paste remains quite firm, though creamy and moist.


Fromagerie Schertenleib is one of the last remaining family run dairies making washed rind cheeses using traditional methods in Champagne area. The family immigrated from Switzerland to the area and originally made Emmental and Munster until they decided to revive the Langres cheese in 1954. Since then the family has passed down the cheese making from generation to generation.

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Data (typical values, per 100g):
Energy 1260kj/300kcal
Fat 22.0g
(of which saturates) 15.0g
Carbohydrates 1.5g
(of which sugars) <0.5g
Protein 19g
Salt 0.3g

Ingredients: Milk, salt, cheese cultures and rennet.

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