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Manchego Anejo 150g

About This Cheese

Aged Manchego has a rich, slightly acidic flavour with subtle aromas of nuts and dried hay. The rind is a rich chestnut colour and the interior is flaky and dense. 




RegionLa mancha, Spain


Milkraw ewe



This Manchego Viejo matured at a minimum of 12 months, but is often 18 months old. This extra aging produces a stronger flavour, harder paste, and a bolder bite than its younger counter part. Our Manchego is produced on the La Prudenciana farm by the Alvarez Valera Family, located in the heart of La Mancha region, in Tembleque, Toledo.


In the early 1950s, Alfonso Anastasio Valera, married Heródita del Carmen. Together they combined their land which became home to their present day family farm La Prudenciana, named in honor of Heródita's mother. The farm was historically used for various agricultural pursuits until Manchego cheese designated PDO in 1980 at which time the family changed gears and began producing Manchego cheese. Since then, the sheep dairy farm has been passed down through family members through to present day where they continue to make some of the best cheese in Spain. The farm is home to 8,000 Manchego sheep whose raw milk produces fantastic Manchego using artisan methods and PDO adherence.

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Nutritional Information

Ingredients. Manchega sheep raw milk (98 %) salt (2 %) animal rennet, lysozyme of egg (E-1105) and lactic

Allergens in bold

Nutritional facts in 100 gr.
Regulator Council facts
Water: 30 – 28 gr.
Dry extract: 70 – 82 gr. Minimum 55 %
Energy 443 Kcal.
Proteins 24 gr.
Total fats 37,9 gr.
Saturated fatty acids 33, 7 gr.
Monounsaturated fatty acids: 9, 7 gr.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 1, 0 gr.
Trans fatty acids 0, 66 gr.
Cholesterol: 91 mg
Carbohydrates: 0, 7 gr.
Salt 1, 7 gr. Maximum 2, 3 gr.
Calcium: 797 mg.
Sodium: 820 mg

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