Miena’s Almond Nut Bar 50g


Almond Nut Bar, 50g

Gluten Free

Miena began making her handmade nougat in the Glen of Imaal in Wicklow in 2013. Inspired by nature, and the lush countryside surrounding her home –bees making honey, fresh ingredients and nothing artificial; Miena set about translating this landscape in to a handcrafted food. Nougat is a popular type of confectionery in Miena’s Native South Africa and timeless recipes were tweaked with a fusion of South African, Irish and continental influences – the result is unique. Miena’s hands make all her nougat in a specially designed kitchen and she pays huge attention to detail in the ingredients she uses and in her wonderful recipes, which result in a softer nougat which is not overly sweet. Miena has had her kitchen certified gluten-free, so all her products are coeliac friendly.

**Contains nuts