MILK by John and Sally McKenna


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MILK, the new title from food writers John and Sally McKenna, explores the culture, history and culinary potential of the magic liquid which is Ireland’s culinary treasure. Ireland’s milk is the best in the world, its healthfulness reiterated by many scientific research papers. Thanks to a network of family dairy farms where the cows are pasture-fed, Ireland’s milk has Grand Cru status.

MILK also looks at the scientific understanding of the liquid, and explores its unique cultural power and resonance in the history of Ireland.

In addition to recipes from the McKennas, MILK also features ground-breaking recipes from Ireland’s most acclaimed chefs, including Mark Moriarty, Grainne Mullins, Takashi Miyazaki, Niamh Fox, Lilly Higgins, Tony Davidson, Grainne O’Keeffe and many others.

John and Sally McKenna bring thirty years of experience of writing about Ireland’s food culture and, combined with the food photography of Mike O’Toole, it means that MILK is a vital book about the jewel of Ireland’s food culture: pasture-fed milk.