Mont d’Or Toastie

Serves 1

4 slices of White Sliced Pan (both sides buttered)
A jar of Fallot Cornichons
1/2 mini Mont D’or
1/2 jar of Sheridans Winter Chutney
1 small pack of Golfera Diced Pancetta
A token leaf for garnish.
1 Toastie Maker

Plug in your toastie maker and allow to preheat until the green light appears.

Fry the bacon lardons in butter until crispy and golden brown.

Slice the Mont d’Or to desired thickness and layer the cheese on two slices of the bread. Sprinkle over the pancetta like fairy dust and gently place the remaining two slices of buttered bread of top.

Place in the toastie machine and decant a glass of red for yourself. Proceed to adorn your plate with cornichons, winter chutney and the single leaf (or sprig) of curly parsley (very important ).

Remove the toastie and cut in half as line directs. Light a candle and enjoy.