Mozzarella di Bufala 125g


Fattorie Garofola
serves 3-5 (250g)
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Fresh ball of Mozzarella in a single portion bag. Made from Buffalo milk.

Our Mozzarella is from Fattorie Garofola, and is of highest quality, with a beautiful tearing texture, and soft lemony milky flavours. No other cheese epitomizes summer eating in quite the same way as mozzarella di bufala. Although buffalo mozzarella is more expensive than cow’s milk versions there really is no comparison when it comes to flavour. Buffalo milk contains nearly twice as much fat as cow’s milk and is thus far sweeter and richer than its bovine counterpart. Mozzarella style cheese has a long history in the South of Italy; a food stuff made from fresh milk curdled with sheep’s and goat’s rennet is recorded in the region as early as 60AD. From the twelfth century AD the monks of San Lorenzo di Capua gained a reputation for a fresh style ‘mozza’ cheese which they distributed to the poor. Over time this cheese became known as ‘mozzarella’. ‘Mozza’ and ‘Mozzarella’ both take their names from the Italian verb, mozzare, to tear, a reference to the production process outlined below.

The production of Mozzarella di bufala dates from the 1600’s when small scale buffalo dairies, or buffalare, begin to appear in Southern Italy. Larger scale operations only really began in the 18th century and production has continued to expand ever since. In an effort to preserve this traditional regional product from an ever increasing number of imitators both in Italy and overseas, the Italian government made Mozzarella di Bufala di Campania a DOC cheese in 1993. Three years later the European Union granted it Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO).

Mozzarella is a stretched curd cheese, pasta filata in Italian. Huge blocks of drained curds are cut into strips and then into very small pieces.  The whey is used to make ricotta di bufala. These curds are then scalded, forcing them to expel whey as they contract. The cut, scalded curds fall to the bottom of the vat where they combine into an amorphous mass. This is then kneaded and stretched until the consistency is sufficiently elastic to allow threads to be pulled without ripping. The idea is to achieve a consistency whereby portions of melted cheese torn from the mass will form a thin exterior skin around the moist, elastic curds inside. The balls are then stored in a brine solution.   Ideally mozzarella di bufala should be eaten fresh, within a day of production. This is why, before the advent of modern food packaging techniques, Mozzarella was rarely seen outside of  Campania and Apulia in Southern Italy. Nowadays however Mozzarella can be preserved in plastic bags suspended in a whey and brine mixture thus allowing this delicacy to be consumed all over the world.