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3 months min
gabriel coulet
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Roquefort, probably the world’s best known blue cheese, is made using raw ewe’s milk. All Roquefort is legally required to spend two weeks in the ‘fleurines’ or caves of Mont Combalou in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in the zone of production. This is the natural dwelling place of the Penicilium Roqueforti, from which most strains of blue cheese moulds have been bred. After being aged in the caves the wheels are then foil wrapped and kept for further 10 weeks to give a 3 month minimum affinage. Roquefort Petite Cave is smooth, sweet and buttery, with a pronounced, yet well integrated blue flavour. The cheeses are of a consistently high quality, and the salt level is not overly pronounced.

In short, this is a simply fabulous Roquefort. Try it with a good Sauternes and some walnut bread.

Further Information

Roquefort is one of the few French cheeses where consumers are actually aware of the name of the producer of the cheese and the quality which this denotes. We have sold many of the best regarded brands of Roquefort over the years but discovered Gabriel Coulet’s wonderful Roquefort Petite Cave a few years ago on a sourcing trip to France, and now work exclusively with him.
Crucially wheels of Gabriel Coulet’s Roquefort Petite Cave spends an additional week in the fleurines, allowing them to develop a deeper, fuller flavour.


MILK, salt, lactic starters (MILK), animal rennet, Penicilium roqueforti

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Nutritional Information:

Energy 1507kJ/ 364kCal
Fat 32 g
of which saturated 24 g
carbohydrates 0 g
of which sugar 0 g
Proteins 19 g
Salt 3.5 g