Saint Nectaire


raw cow
Fromagerie Morin
5-8 weeks
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Saint-Nectaire is a natural-rind, uncooked, pressed cheese from the Monts-Dore region of Auvergne and may be made from raw, thermalised or pasteurised milk cow’s milk. The surface of Saint-Nectaire is characterised by a furry grey mould which grows on the beige natural-rind beneath. Affinage involves maintaining the balance between these two types of growth whilst the cheese matures. In good condition the paste is semi-soft with a smooth, creamy, slightly-bulging texture. The aroma is one of cellars, straw, mushrooms and cabbage, with slight hints of cellars and decaying undergrowth. On the palate the flavour is smooth and complex, with notes of milk and hazelnuts.

Fermier versions bear an green oval-shaped casein label whereas industrial St Nectaire carries a green square label.  These edible labels are often hidden under the characteristic ‘cat fur’ or poils de chat which grows on the rind, but can be revealed by scraping back some of this mould. The label carries the code of the commune in which the cheese was produced, the number of the producer and the number of the cheese itself. We sell fermier St Nectaire aged in Auriliac by master-affineur Xavier Morin.

This regional cheese became widely known in France when it was introduced to the table of Louis XIV by the Maréchal Henri de la Ferté-Sennecterre in the seventeenth century and bears his name to this day. Saint-Nectaire is a cheese that can disappoint but when properly ripe it has a wonderfully unique and complex flavour. It is at its best during the summer months and is the perfect compliment to red Bordeaux.



Raw Cow’s MILK, salt, starters, animal rennet,

Allergens in BOLD

Nutritional Information:

Energy 1507 kJ/360 kCal
Fat 29.8g
of which saturated 19.8g
Carbohydrates 1.2g
of which sugar < 0,5g
Proteins 21.8g
Salt 1.1g