Sassy Lunchbox Peaches & Monte Enebro Salad

Ingredients :

6 Lunchbox (flat) Peaches (Quatered)

1 White Salad Onion (Sliced)

200g of Monte Enebro (avail in your local Sheridans)

100g of Fried Valencia Almonds (avail in your local Sheridans)

35 mls of Jerez Sherry Vinegar (avail in your local Sheridans)

50ml of Odysea Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

70g of Pitted Green Olives

2 big handfuls of Peppery Greens

30g of Basil (torn)

Achill Sea Salt and Pepper for seasoning


Method :

Gather all of your ingredients in front of you – this makes the assembly quicker and easier. Toss your peaches and onion together in a large bowl with the olive oil, basil and sherry vinegar. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

On your platter, add the peppery leaves first before pouring on the peach and onion mix. Spread them out before pouring the lovely lush juice all over. Crumble the Monte Enebro evenly over the greens and peaches. Add the olives and almonds last – no one wants a soggy almond in a salad! I like to pop some edible flowers on top too. Serve with some local bread and enjoy a super simple and delish supper!