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Schnebelhorn 180g

About This Cheese

Sweet, nutty, and savoury, with undertones of roast onion. Schnebelhorn is a rich and robust cheese. It has a great bite with the occasional crystalline bit here and there. An excellent addition to a cheeseboard.  




RegionToggenburg, Switzerland

ProducerReto Güntensperger




Schnebelhorn is a wonderful Swiss cheese made with milk from Braunvieh cows grazing on high altitude pastures. Named after the region’s highest mountain peak, Schnebelhorn stands out for its complex textural and flavour characteristics. During the cheesemaking process, the milk is enhanced by the addition of cream left over from the Appenzeller production from the same dairy. Aged 8-9 months, the cheese develops a pronounced level of distinct alpine cheese brothy flavour. This is balanced by tremendous richness and a lightly piquant kick at the finish. This is a favourite of Sheridans customers.


Cheesemaker Reto Güntensperger grew up in the historic Bodmen dairy, his bed mere steps from the room where his father & grandfather crafted Appenzeller by hand in their 1,500 litre vat. By 1999, his father and two brothers moved operations into the village of Butschwil below, purchasing the fallow dairy and rebuilding it, expanding their family business as their own children grew into the company. The dairy is now a model of balance between modern efficiency and time-honoured tradition. Reto only uses milk from the herds grazing on the high altitudes for this cheese

It is a cream added cheese, it is richer and more decadent than most of the cheeses from this cheese-rich region.

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Nutritional Information

Ingredients: raw cow’s (milk): 98%; salt: 1.90%;
starter cultures: 0.09%; rennet: 0.01%
Allergens listed in BOLD
Nutritional values per 100g

Energy: 1820kJ/ 435kCal
fat 38.2g
thereof saturated 22.8g
carbohydrate 0.4g
thereof sugar 0.4 g
protein 23.5g
salt 1.9g

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