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Selles Sur Cher 150g

About This Cheese

The steely grey charcoal ash rind encases a pure white paste which is smooth and mild with a fondant texture. The flavour is tart and salty with a rich hazelnut aroma. 



RennetLactic fermentation ( small amount of traditional rennet permitted)

RegionBerry, France

ProducerP. Jacquin

Milkraw goat



Selles-sur-Cher is a puck-shaped goat’s cheese made in a strictly delimited area within the departments of Loir-et-Cher and Indres-et-Loire in Western France. The cheese takes its name from the village of Selles-sur-Cher, which itself is named after the local river, the Cher. The AOC was awarded in 1986. Locals eat the rind, which gives the cheese a much sharper, more pronounced flavour. We love this classic Loire goat’s cheese with a Touraine Sauvignon or even a white Burgundy for a bit of contrast.


The Jacquin family began producing cheese in 1947 in the Loire Valley, France. The Loire’s rich landscape is renowned for producing some of the best goat cheeses in the world and the Jacquin family are committed to quality made PDO goat’s cheeses.

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Nutritional Information

Soft cheese made with raw goat’s milk
Ingredients: Allergens in bold: MILK, salt, starters, animal rennet, vegetable ash

Energy (kJ/ kcal) 1166/281
Fat (g) 25

of which saturated (g) 13g

Carbohydrates (g) 1.7
of which sugar (g) 0g
Proteins (g) 19g
Salt (g) 1.6g

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