Sullane Cake


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150-180 people

Coolea: Semi firm, pasteurised cow’s milk cheese. Sweet, almost toffee-like flavour and a slight crystalline consistency.

Délice de Bourgogne: Soft, double cream, pasteurised cow’s milk cheese. Surrounded by a white bloom rind smelling faintly of mushrooms, the interior of this sumptuous, 72% butterfat cheese is a soft white paste that tastes like a heavenly mixture of butter and stiffly whipped cream.

Cashel Blue: Semi-firm, pasteurised cow’s milk cheese. A tangy, well rounded and rich blue.

Mini Durrus: Semi-soft washed rind cheese made using raw cow’s milk. Full bodied, long flavours and aromas of hay and wet soil.

Pouligney: Soft, raw goats milk. Salty, floral, fruity flavour and a fondant style past.