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Taleggio is a square-shaped washed-rind cheese from Northern Italy made using cow’s milk. The DOP, awarded in 1996, delimits production to the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Milan and Pavia in Lombardy, Treviso in the Veneto, and Novara in Piedmont.

Although it only acquired the name Taleggio in the early twentieth century, this style of cheese has been made in the Val Taleggio, in Upper Bergamo, since at least the tenth century and it is from here that the cheese takes its name. In 1979 a consortium of producers, affineurs and traders came together to form the Consortio per la Tutela del Taleggio, an organisation founded with the aims of: promoting Taleggio cheese; aiding producers and dairies involved in the manufacture of Taleggio; and safeguarding the quality of the cheese from imitators at home and abroad. As a result of their efforts all genuine Taleggio is legally required to carry the Consortio’s distinctive circular T-marks on the rind of the cheese and its insignia on the wrapper.

Taleggio is made using full-fat cow’s milk.. During maturation the cheeses are sponged frequently with brine to encourage the growth of b-linens, inhibit the growth of undesirable moulds and encourage the formation of the pinkish-orange rind.

Taleggio is characterised by a slightly pungent pinkish-orange rind and a semi-soft white paste, sometimes containing a few small air bubbles. The cheese ranges in flavour from mild, buttery and slightly whiffy to more farmyardy and pungent. Taleggio is a great cooking cheese as it melts easily and maintains its flavour when cooked.