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Valencay Ash 110g

About This Cheese

Valençay has a pyramidal shape and natural rind mould coated with a mixture of charcoal and salt. The paste is white/ivory with a fondant texture growing firmer with age. Valencay can range from light and fresh at a young stage with growing aroma of hazelnuts or peanuts, dried fruits and mushrooms as the cheese matures. 




RegionFrance, loire, France

ProducerP. Jacquin

Milkraw goat



This distinctive cheese was originally pyramid shaped. It is said that on the return journey to Paris, following his miserable campaign in Egypt, Napoleon stayed at the chateau of Valençay. The presentation of a pyramidical cheese at the end of the meal was too much for the Emperor to bear, he flew into a rage and decapitated the offending cheese with his sword. From that moment

on, in deference to Napoleon, and presumably out an instinct for self-preservation, the people of Berry made Valençay in its now familiar truncated, pyramid-shape.

Valençay’s AOC (June 1998) is one of the most recently awarded by the Instituts National des Appelations Origines. The AOC delimits production to the department of Indre and certain areas of Cher, Loire et Cher and L’Indre et Loire. It also lays down strict rules concerning the shape and size of the cheese, the milk used and the period of affinage. Valençay production is very much based on tradition. Made with raw goat’s milk, coagulation takes place over a period of 24 - 36 hours. The curds are then hand ladled into moulds where they are left to drain. The fresh cheeses are then rubbed with a mixture of charcoal ash and salt before being left to ripen in 80% humidity for a period of at least 11 days. The charcoal ash prevents the development of unwanted moulds on the surface of the cheese whilst the ‘fleur’, or desirable mould, forms.


The Jacquin family began producing cheese in 1947 in the Loire Valley, France. The Loire’s rich landscape is renowned for producing some of the best goat cheeses in the world and the Jacquin family are committed to quality made PDO goat’s cheeses.

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Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat’s milk, salt, rennet, starters, carbon ash.

Allergens In Bold

1 Nutritional Table per 100g

  a Energy 1170/282 KJ/KCAL 

b Fat (saturates ) 25 

c Carbohydrates 2,05 

d Sugar  2,05 

    d(1)Fibre absence  

e Protein 17.5 

f Salt 2.06 


2 Allergens Tagged - MILK 

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