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Wicklow Ban 150g

About This Cheese

Mild, double cream cheese with a bloomy rind, fresh aroma, and rich buttery flavour. A cheese everyone enjoys and a great example of Irish farmhouse cheesemaking. 






Producerjohn and bernie hempenstall


Rindmould rind


Wicklow Bán, is a double cream cheese with a fat content 65-70%, meaning additional cream is added to the milk thus ensuring a fuller flavour and sumptuous texture. Like all of the Wicklow Farmhouse cheeses, Wicklow Ban is made from milk the Hempenstall’s Friesian herd. John and Bernie are cautious to avoid over-salting this cheese, which may explain how they have achieved creaminess without the overly buttery notes often associated with other double and triple cream cheeses. It’s pillowy rind is a brilliant white and its paste a soft creamy shade, thus aptly named Wicklow Ban meaning ‘white’ as Gaeilge.


Wicklow Farmhouse Cheese is a small dairy run by the Hempenstall family in southeast Co. Wicklow. The Hempenstalls have 150 cows and have been milking cows for over 50 years on their family farm. In 2005 John Hempenstall began making cheese with milk from their Friesian cow herd to supplement the farms income and soon constructed a purpose built dairy on the farm. Since then, Wicklow Farmhouse Cheese has gone on to produce a range of cheeses loved by many.

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