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Young Buck is a blue cheese  produced by Mike Thomson of Mike’s Fancy Cheese. He uses unpasteurised milk from a single herd of Co Down Holstein-Friesian cows . It has a strong salty flavour and is made in the Stilton style. Young Buck has a characteristic knobbly crust with a central smooth creamy blue-veined paste which becomes chalkier and slightly crumbly towards the edges. Supported by friends and backed by 98 investors, Mike’s now operating out of Newtownards, buying milk from a single herd and is supplying Northern Ireland with its first raw milk cheese.

Young Buck is a pleasing cheese. Like other blues, it works very well in a salad with pears and walnuts, and it teams agreeably with a fruity accompaniment such as Sheridans Fig Compote or a slice of quince cheese.