Recipe of the month – April

Pan Fried St Felicien with Apple compote and dried pancetta

My little sister gave me the idea years ago when she wrapped a St Marcelin with bacon and slices of apple before backing for ten minutes. This is my own version, very pretty looking and amazingly tasty!

You’ll need:
1 x St Felicien or St Marcelin, not too ripe
1 x egg, flour and fine bread crumbs
10cl of balsamic vinegar
1 x tea spoon of honey
2 x apples
Few thin slices of pancetta
How To:
Pre-heat your oven at 200c and on a tray, the thin slices of pancetta, as many as you like and bake for less than 15-20 minutes; they should be crisp and placed on kitchen paper until you are ready to serve. Take three small bowls, one with flour, the other with a beaten egg and the third with fine bread crumbs. My tip is that I put them on a tray and in a hot oven or grill for a couple of minutes until golden. They are easy to dry and sieve for a finer result. Peel two apples, chop in pieces and stew with a bit of honey and water; in 20 minutes or less and blitz or squash. Take your St Felicien, in the flour it goes, then the egg wash and then in the bread crumb mix where you can let it rest for a minute or two until you get yourself ready. In a sauce pan, pour the balsamic vinegar and honey together and let it reduce gently while stirring. In a hot pan, with a bit of oil, place your St Felicien and let it get a bit of heat, a minute or less on each side should suffice. Et voilà, bon appetit!

Franck Le Moënner