Seasonal Mantra by Enrico Fantasia

on the shore of Carra

“Can you believe it? It’s that time of the year again!!!”: this phrase, with some minor variations, can be heard now pretty much everywhere. A sort of seasonal mantra that will last few weeks and generally proceeds the last minute shopping panic.

Despite Minister Noonan’s efforts to make 2013 Christmas tipple the most expensive in Irish history, a bit of planning can save you a fair amount of money.

Many are the pre-Christmas offer available at the moment, and many the wine sales.

For example, keep an eye on the Sheridans Weekly Wine Specials, where we offer two wines, a red and a white, at 20% discount. Also, if you by 12 or more bottles (that can be mixed to your liking) you will receive an interesting 12% discount.

If you are looking for something somehow different to spice up your festive meals, maybe the wines hereafter can give you some inspiration.

On the white side, the Edalo Blanco 2012 CONTRERAS RUIZ can be an interesting alternative to the ubiquitous Sauvignon Blanc. Produced in the south of Spain with the obscure, indigenous grape Zalema, this wine is fresh, floral, delicately fruity and with citrus aromas and with an Albarino-like minerality and intense sapidity that makes it the perfect aperitif.

Another great and somehow unusual white is the Vorgeschmack 2012 ARNDORFER.The young Martin Arndorfer, one of the rising stars in the Austrian wine world, blends Gruner Veltliner and Riesling to create a fresh, mineral and gently aromatic wine, and incredibly easy drinking.

Staying in the Mitteleuropean area, we have one more great find. Produced in the Slovenian Vipaska Dolina by Primoz Lavrencic the Malvazija “Petit Burja” 2012 BURJA shows the typical pepperiness and warm fruit of the grape, balanced by an intense minerality and a citrusy freshness, and an almost Burgundian elegance. Splendid with glazed ham.

In the red department, the Portuguese Little Odisseia 2011 is rich and full without being overpowering, and with a spiced character that makes it unbeatable with turkey.

If you prefer something somehow lighter, the Marzemino “La Rua” 2012 ROENO, with its aromas of violets, red berries and the spices, is definitely a wine to try. Loaded with yummy juiciness, it’s a great all rounder.

And if you decide to treat yourself (it’s Christmas, babe…) the Rosso di Monteraponi II MONTERAPONI is the wine for you. You’ll find all you need to know on this same newsletter as wine of the month.

In case an Italian-style Christmas is on the agenda, it’s a must to finish with dinner with panettone, leither the traditional with candied fruits or the new variant with cherries. Either ways, the wine will be Moscato d’Asti 2012 ODDERO: light, sweet and very refreshing. Available only in magnum, as the regular bottle is never enough.