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Sheep Gouda Cacio e Peppe

This is a spin on a classic Roman dish so please don’t attempt to attack me on the Twitter verse, but one thing I can tell you is that it’s sooo devine. 

I love cooking with nettles so I’ve also popped in some fresh peas and lemon roasted asparagus too because I only had one packet of pasta and had pals coming around and need to stretch this out with some spring beauties, thank god I had plenty of cheese.  This feeds 6 and is stunning in a lunchbox too!

x Jess


1 packet of spaghetti 

200 grams of Pecorino 

250 grams of Sheep Gouda cheese (Noorlander)

20 grams or more of black pepper 

200 grams of blanched nettles chopped 

150 grams of blanched peas 

200g of parsley 

2 bunches of blanched asparagus 

Pasta water 


Ok so I have all my beautiful green bits ready to go all on a plate.

With this recipe you have to work relatively fast once your spaghetti is good to go as once your pasta is fully cooked the dish is done.

First, cook your spaghetti to just before al dente. When you strain your pasta, set aside the pasta water for the next step.

Add a ladle and a half of pasta water to a large pan then toss in your spaghetti and all the Asparagus, lemon zest, nettle & peas. 

Once thoroughly cooked add your black pepper and cheese then toss and serve at once. This is a stunning and easy recipe that’s a spring winner. Cover again in grated Sheep Gouda and serve like you have been out all day foraging for your guests .