Wine of the Month – February

Sauvignon 2012 TYDY


The ubiqitous Sauvignon is probably second only to Pinot Grigio in terms of popularity and unfortunately boredom. They are now more a brand than a grape or even a wine….

Due to its popularity, Sauvignon is now grown a bit everywhere, but  is a grape that loves colder climates where can grow developing all the aromas and the freshness that makes it so distinctive. Loire Valley in France it is such a place, and Sauvignon is originally from there.
If you put that in the equation then you add a producer that knows the terroir and the grape inside out like Thierry Delaunay, you can’t really go wrong.

The Sauvignon 2012 TyDy (the name stays for ThierrY DelaunaY…) is a little gem: tropical fruit, hints of minerals and citrus, and a balanced acidity that makes it as a great companion for fresh goat cheeses, grilled fish and seafood in  general, but nobody will give out to you if you decided to sip it like that, on its own.

This is Loire Sauvignon as it should be, and despite Mr. Noonan’s efforts to make our tipple too expensive, a far better value than many Sancerres available in the Irish market.