Wine of the Month – March


by Enrico Fantasia

Pinot Bianco is a grape with a strange and confused history: often in the past mistaken for Chardonnay, overshadowed by its brother Pinot Grigio, called with many different names (Weissburgunder, Auxerrois, Klevner just to name few…), a natural genetical mutation of Pinot Noir.

It’s a grape that has a preference for cold climates, and some of the best examples are to be found in Alsace, in Germany and in the North of Italy.

The Pinot Bianco Weissburgunder 2012 KELLEREI KALTERN – CALDARO is simply amazing. Produced around the Caldaro lake in Alto Adige – Sud Tyrol (Alto Adige is a German speaking district in the North of Italy, hence the bilingual names) it’s a wine that doesn’t hide its Germanic attitude and northern provenance. The refreshing apple-iness and the crisp backbone are in a perfect balance with a body that is bigger that it seems. That makes it a fresh glass for a lovely aperitif, almost perfect with fish but generous enough to go with white meat. And with Parmesan it is just amazing.