Ribera del Duero ‘Joven de Viñas Viejas’ Goyo Garcia Viadero


Goyo Garcia Viadero roots are deeply connected with Ribera del Duero wines, as his family was involved with the renaissance of the region in the 80s. Influenced by the legends of the natural wine world like Pierre Overnoy, in 2003 he started producing his own wines favouring a non-interventionist approach. Real terroir wines, made in the most natural possible way, Goyo’s are some of the purest expressions of Ribera del Duero: full of energy and personality, and (listen to this!) without any new oak…

The ‘Joven de Viñas Viejas’ is vinified in stell thanks, and shows a remarkable depth and serious character for a Joven wine, with a dark fruit, spices and fresh juicy palate.

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Origin: Spain

Production: Organic

Type: Red