Jess’s Monthly Melt Down


Hey hey hey! OLA ….It’s Spanish month and there is no better way of celebrating than with hard core tasty salads. Since the “staycation” is the plan, it’s time to get some simple yet impressive party platters up your sleeve – the kinda ones that will make the mother-in-law think you’ve been taking zoom cooking lessons from a funky Spanish hippie hipster guru in Thai fisherman’s pants! 

I’m mixing it up here with some big hitter Spanish cheeses that everyone is gonna love, even if ya haven’t heard of them! Now if you’re anything like me, you were raised on block supermarket cheese. We had one kind and in New Zealand this happened to be Colby and/or the processed sliced cheese. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not a cheese snob and I firmly believe in “any port in a storm” when it comes to irrational hunger. Dipping the toe in the Spanish cheese world is actually amazing! Fun Fact; There is a cheese the shape of a breast called “Tetilla”, which has always made me laugh my immature head off. 

My tribute is to Manchego, Monte Enebro and then onto Valdon Blue. They are my top 3 that you will never be disappointed with. There is a sheep, goat and cow and choosing these three shows intelligent simplicity in my world. With a scoop of Valencian fried almonds, some quince paste and a few sliced deli meats combined with some local Irish provisions you are going to be whipping up some lush tapas whether it’s in the holiday bungalow in Carlow, cruising the Shannon, catching the ferry to the Aran Islands in Galway or putting some tunes on in ya back garden in Drimnagh! 

I’m going to leave you all with a little list for the messages to stop all confusion when you’re shopping online or in your local Sheridan’s. Please tag us in your amazing creations and see ya next month for more Meltdown Monthly action.

x Jess