Tomato Party with Chorizo Dressing

The Sun is back out so salads are back in and what better way to celebrate than with some cracking Irish tomatoes with one my fav cheeses! If I was a cheese I would be burrata – simply because I’ve had to wear spanx since I can remember and ladies you will all agree with me here: the relief of being able to take them off and lie on the bed with the aircon on 21 and starfish, it’s the best feeling in the whole wide world! This is how I feel when I make this salad and when I tear the burrata to adorn it. This is the ultimate crowd pleaser power salad, if you haven’t tried burrata it’s time!

Enrico’s Match: Gruner Veltliner “Handcrafted” Arndorfer

2 Fresh Maragato Chorizo Sausages 
35ml of Sherry Vinegar 
10g of Prunotto Acacia Honey 
400g of Wonky Tomatoes (sliced)
A pinch of Achill Island Sea Salt 
35g of Basil 
100g of Fresh Bread (torn) 
25g of Onion
2 bulbs of Garlic (smashed) 
1 Garofolo Buffalo Burrata (drained) 

Peel the fresh chorizo and break the meat apart with your hands until you have bite size pieces.

Heat a heavy bottomed pan over a medium heat, add the chorizo and fry until all the beautiful red oil releases itself. Add the honey, turn off the heat and add the Sherry vinegar. Mix with a wooden spoon and set aside.

Slice the onion and give it a rinse under the cold tap. Add to the chorizo pan and toss.

Add the torn bread and smashed garlic to the sliced tomatoes and give it a good toss, then pop onto a serving dish. Tear up your beautiful burrata and drape over the tomatoes before pouring over the chorizo dressing. Garnish with the torn basil and serve.