Corrib Cake


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350+ people

Morbier: Semi-soft, raw cow’s milk cheese. Fruity upfront with a light creaminess, finishing with a persistent, and slightly cow-y pungence.

Schnebelhorn: Firm, raw cow’s milk cheese. A pronounced level of Alpine cheese spiciness, balanced by tremendous butter & cream. It’s texture is creamy with small Tyrosine crystals.

Durrus: Semi-soft washed rind cheese made using raw cow’s milk. Full bodied, long flavours and aromas of hay and wet soil.

Clonmore: Hard, raw goats cheese. Milky on the palate with a mild tang that gently gives way to the unmistakable, rounded, goaty finish that typifies Clonmore. Seasonal cheese, substitutions may be made based on season.

Brillat Savarin: Soft, triple cream brie, raw cow’s milk cheese. Flavours of butter, cream and salt with hints of mushroom and roasted nuts.

Camembert: Soft, bloomy rind raw cow’s milk cheese. The flavour is full and pungent, with traces of mushrooms, butter and grass.

Langres: Wash rind, cow’s milk cheese. Powerful, penetrating aroma which belies the mild flavour of the cheese itself. The firm, yet supple paste is creamy and slightly salty, whilst the orange rind lends a pungent farmyard note to the proceedings.