Roves des Garrigues


Product Size
70 g
Product Milk
Product Rennet
Lactic fermentation ( small amount of traditional rennet permitted)
Product Region
Product Age
2 days at time of packing
Product Type
Product Maker
Fromagerie Berthaut

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Roves des Garrigues is a wonderfully aromatic golf-ball sized goat’s cheese from the Languedoc. Perhaps the ultimate taste of summer, it is perfect for salads and cheeseboards alike.

Roves des Garrigues takes its name from the brown, long-horned goats used to produce the milk and the garrigue, or scrub on which they graze. Roves are bred for both their milk and their meat, making them a popular choice in this sparse landscape. Roves des Garrigues is made at St Hippolyte du Fort by the Fromagerie Cigaloise, although two or three fermier versions are also available in the area. This cheese is produced a the height of summer when the milk is at its best.

The use of curds frozen at this time of year, a common practice throughout France, guarantees availability throughout the year, although the flavour Roves from fresh summer’s milk is unequalled. Pronounced notes of thyme, lavender and cirtus dominate with hints of warm black pepper in the finish. The cheese is packed and vacuum sealed when very fresh preserving these delicate, fresh flavours.