Jess’s Monthly Melt Down: One Pan Wonder Crispy Manchego Spuds

“IT’S NOT A MEAL IF IT DOESN’T HAVE SPUDS!!” If I was a trendy chef I’d have this made into a tattooed sleeve with curly parsley and swirls of Creme de Casis but alas, I’m caught in this no-womans land that my nephew describes as “post hipster fallout” – and I love it!!! Age 40 is the “NO more trying to be cool” phase.

One Pan Wonder Crispy Manchego Spuds with Sheridan’s Onion Marmalade, Ortiz Boquerones, Capers and Parsley. Serves 4-6

Enrico took the spud brief wine match like the true gent he is! As I eyeballed him over zoom to reinforce my seriousness, he came up with a real treat in the shape of this Albarino ‘Komokabras Naranja’ Adega Entre Os Rios. This left me to freak out over Jessie’s juice pairing so I went with a little glass of Karmine Apple Juice.


800g of Maria’s Pink Firr Apple Potatoes (or any waxy spud, boiled until cooked and cooled)
250g of Manchego (finely grated)
90ml of Odysea Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10 cloves of Garlic (smashed)
1 packet of Ortiz Boquerones (drained)
200g of Flat Leaf Parsley
1 jar of Sheridan’s Onion Marmalade
1/2 jar of Fallot Capers (drained and rinsed)
Sea Salt and White Pepper

Start off with a large sheet pan and line it with non-stick parchment paper. Crush Maria’s Pink Firrs softly with the bottom of a pot so they still hold their shape. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil before throwing in the smashed garlic.

Pop a little handful of grated Manchego on top of each spaced out spud and bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees in a preheated oven until golden and super crispy. Slide the cooked cheesy spuds onto a platter, add a teaspoon of onion marmalade in between each of them and garnish with chopped boquerones, capers (make sure they are rinsed) and flat leaf parsley. This is amazing with grilled John Dory or crab claws dipped in mayo!

x Jess